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Alien OG is a cross between Alien Kush and Tahoe OG, originating in the California Bay area. Its potency
has made it one of the top ten OG medical strains in Cali.

Alien OG Cannabis Strain – Alien OG Kush

Alien OG is a popular hybrid marijuana strain produced by crossing Alien Kush and Tahoe OG. This strain is widely known for its euphoric and energetic high, as well as its delicious lemony flavor. Alien OG has high THC levels of about 30%, which puts it amongst the most potent hybrid strains in the world. Because of its  mixture of Indica/Sativa effects, you can really get the best of both worlds with this strain.


The effects of this strain are strong, given its high THC percentages. Alien OG’s average THC content is around 20-25%, however, some phenotypes are considered to have more than 30%, which means this strain is incredibly potent. The onset of the high will bring a rush of energy and happiness, boosting the mood of the user. This strain is also widely reviewed as encouraging a sense of confidence, given its ability to energize and uplift the user. During the first half of the high, Alien OG brings about a creative headspace that’s perfect for activities of all sorts.

As a bit of time passes, you will begin to feel this strain’s indica derived effects. Relaxing both the mind and body, the body high will calm the user and sometimes bound to the couch. While the initial high is conducive to productivity, this wave is best enjoyed somewhere mellow, with no expectations of accomplishing any tasks other than watching a good movie or two. Because of how potent this strain is, it’s important to track your consumption and make sure you’re not ingesting too much for your tolerance and experience levels.

Appearance and Flavor

The Alien OG plants grow short and compact. The plants are known for their dark green leaves, icy white trichomes, and curly orange pistils. Alien OG has a mixture of different tastes including pine, lemon, and earth. This natural flavor is very appetizing for most users with its taste being reminiscent of other Kush strains. The taste is also balanced and not too overwhelming on the consumer. The smoke from this strain is pleasurable and easy to inhale. Users can take multiple inhales without coughing or having any issues with their lungs.



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