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The Black Mamba strain is a slightly indica-leaning hybrid known for its dreamy and hazy high, as well as its dark purple appearance. It takes effect pretty quickly and can even produce some hallucinogenic-like experiences. So be careful not to overindulge, as Black Mamba is quite a powerful strain.

What is the Black Mamba Cannabis Strain?

Black Mamba strain is a 60% indica / 40% sativa cross, placing it firmly in the category of a hybrid. This combination of indica and sativa make it a versatile strain that can have varying effects depending on the amount taken and the person using it.

Taken in small qualities, it can put you in the right mindset for a productive day full of deep thoughts. If you’re looking for a dreamy haze and an escape from reality, then you definitely want to take a larger dose, as long as you do so with caution.

Famously known for its dark purple appearance and matching taste, as well as its long-lasting effects, Black Mamba is named after the deadly African snake that so famously featured in George Orwell’s Burmese Days.

Luckily, instead of being absolutely massive and dripping with deadly poison, the only characteristic that they share other than their name is their strength.

Black Mamba, like most popular strains, is the result of crossbreeding two strains that have complementary effects – in this case, Granddaddy Purple and Black Domina – to create a unique strain designed to knock you out completely.

Marijuana is famous for so many reasons, one of the major ones being its vast array of different effects. With a multitude of effects ranging from crazy energetic highs to a peaceful night’s sleep, there is a strain for almost every occasion and every individual.

A big part of this is thanks to the efforts of growers around the world, all seeking to create their perfect strain with the exact effects that they want. Some are looking for a relaxing, soothing experience with minimal THC, whereas others are looking for a potent combination of different flavors and cannabinoid levels.

Black Mamba is a strain that firmly falls into the latter category of effects, ideal for relaxation and numbing the stress of the world. With a name that sounds more like a metal band than a cannabis strain, Black Mamba is known far and wide as both intensely relaxing and hugely powerful.


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